In the Dark

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"What's that smell?" Megueil asked, gently pulling his face mask down.
"I don't know, maybe a cigarette," Dexter replied.
"Boy cigarette don't smell like that, what you saying?" Megueil replied, in a stern manner.
"I don't know right, but why you so interested in the smell anyways?" Dexter asked.
"We're in the middle of nowhere, you don't see houses or anything around here, and you're telling me you're not even a 'tad' bit concerned?" Megueil questioned, starring at Dexter.
"You have a point, but we can see around us, in the great distance, there is no one here," Dexter replied.

Megueil shook his head, and then realised a huge rock down in the valley, about 3 meters from where they were.
"Maybe, someone is behind the rock!" Megueil said, gazing sharply at the rock.
"You're kidding right?" Dexter said.
"I think we should just focus on changing the tire and getting out of here," Dexter added.

Megueil got a bit inquisitive, he couldn't bare the smell of the unidentified element, and he couldn't help but think that someone was looking at them, or was nearby.

"Dude, stay over here, if anything happens to you, I'm not helping!" Dexter said, roughly.

Megueil ignored Dexter's claim, and walked slowly towards the huge rock.
He had a small pocket knife, and slowly withdrew it, as he came closer to the rock.
"Whoever, is there, better show yourself, and show yourself now!" Megueil exclaimed.
Dexter looked at him, and shook his head in annoyance; "You're crazy man!"

As Megueil approached the side of the rock, a screeching sound was heard, as though a small creature was running in the rubble. He quickly pushed his head behind the rock, only to find a patch of recently extinguished fire.

Megueil gazed at the strange patch and wondered, how long ago, it might have been extinguished. After all they were on a very dead highway, after 8:30pm in the night, who the hell would be out there that late, lighting fires.
He realised a few rats running around the patch; a sign to him that the area was filthy.

Suddenly, a bright light appeared in the distance, and a dark shadow stood behind it.
"Wtf! Who is there?" Megueil asked, his heart pounding rapidly.
"I said, who is there?" he repeated, after just five seconds on asking the first time.

Dexter saw the strange figure and stood to his feet.
He didn't take his eyes off the unexplained scene until, he threw all the car equipment in the trunk.
Dexter then yelled, "bro, come back here immediately, let's get the hell out of here."
Megueil stepped slowly backwards, not taking his eyes off the shadow.
As he walked backwards, the fire remained stagnant, but it seemed as though the shadow was getting closer.
Megueil was amazed at what he was looking at, he couldn't explain what it was, it just had the outline of a human body.

Soon enough, Megueil's anxiety sky rocketed and as he quickly glanced back he realised he still was a good distance form their van.
"Bro, hurry up!" Dexter yelled, jumping in the van and starting it.

Megueil turned and ran to the van, and felt a cold breeze pass across his neck and something touching his ankle.
"Ahhh!" Megueil yelled! pulling his legs inside the van and quickly rolling up the glass.
"What the hell!" Dexter exclaimed, quickly driving away, "wtf was that?"
"I have no idea, just drive as fast as you can, the streets of Lativa is wild as hell man," Megueil argued.
"Breaking down in the middle of nowhere is never a good thing, and you wanting to play explorer, didn't help either, you're crazy man," Dexter yelled, as they drove down the dark and dusty highway.

"Shut up, at least we got out of there, untouched," Megueil said, slowly calming down and resting his head on the back of the seat.

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