In love with an ex-con

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3 years ago

Sheina rolled over in bed, in an attempt to reach for John, but her hands grabbed the air.

She jumped up and realized that he wasn't there and her mind started to run wild.
John would usually tell her where he was going, for her comfort of course.
He didn't want her to worry, since Sheina usually had bad dreams about him going back into prison.

She immediately dialed his number, her restless body pacing up and down the room.

"Babe!" he answered, "What's up?"

Sheina paused, "Where are you?"

"I'm down at the market, I wanted to surprise you with your favorite this morning; but obviously, it's no longer a surprise," John chuckled.

Sheina breathed a huge sigh of relief, "I'm so sorry, I thought."

Sheina stopped, she realized she didn't want to keep expressing her negative thoughts to John, it didn't do him any good.
She went back to bed, to catch a few more z's before work, since she was the main breadwinner in the relationship.

"Babe!" John called, shaking Sheina.
"You have to get to work in exactly an hour," John said, looking at his time piece.
Sheina jumped up yet again, gazing at the clock beside their bed; "Shit!"

She ran into the bathroom, to take a quick bath and then took a quick bite into the amazing breakfast John made for her.

"Wait, since when do you make breakfast?" Sheina asked, her eyebrow raised awkwardly at John.

"I was surprise you didn't ask that at first," John laughed.
"I decided I needed to step up, it's really hard for me to find work, but that doesn't mean I can't help you and take care of you as a man should," John expressed, holding her by her hips.

"Hmmmmmm," Sheina said, still suspicious of his extremely sweet behavior.
Sheina then grabbed her bag and kissed John; "I'll see you later babe, love you."

"Love you too," John replied, smacking Sheina on her ass.

As soon as Sheina left, John quickly cleaned up the kitchen and ran to his cellphone.
At exactly, 8:15aam John's phone rang and the caller ID was anything but appealing. The Id read, "Supplier."

John was finally free of his parol officer, and has been deemed a good fit to reintegrate himself back into society.
His relationship with Sheina had been stable for years, even when he served time in prison, so she knows him well, maybe even way more than he knows himself.

Sheina had set up some cameras at home, she knew she had to keep an eye on him.

Soon enough, the individual tied to the suspicious caller ID, was at their apartment door with a brown bag.

Sheina had alot of files on her desk, but the camera footage back home, peeked her interest.

John placed something in the mans hand and took the brown bag, quickly going back inside.

"Sheina!" her boss called, casually walking into her office.

"Boss," she replied, quickly closing the case on the tablet, and shifting her focus to his tall, shady figure.

"I need you to fall in for Anna in this evening's meeting, she won't be able to make it," he said sharply, gazing at the huge mess on her desk.

"Ok boss, noted," she replied.

"You sure have alot of work to do. You need to stay on top of things, because alot more might be coming in after our meeting today," her boss added.

Sheina smiled faintly, and gazed at him until he left.

She quickly picked up the tablet, wondering what John was up to, but he was nowhere to be seen, he wasn't on any of the four cameras she had set up.

Sheina assumed, that he might have been somewhere around the house, that the camera's weren't covering; maybe in the bathroom.

Sheina was finally finished for the day, and she was curious as to what John was doing since, he didn't show up on the camera for the rest of the day.

As she approached her apartment door, she realized the cleaning machine and some utensils stranded in the hallway.

She gazed at it for a while and thought that maybe the cleaner had gone to get something and come back.

Suddenly, a strange looking individual appeared at the end of the hallway.
She didn't want to stare but they looked very much like the person who dropped the brown bag for John.

Sheina was always an over reactor, so the person made her nervous.

Shifting her focus to her bag, she searched for her keys.
While searching the person walked closer towards her, their head facing downwards.
Sheina's heart started racing, and in her panic, she took even longer to find her keys.

She then started walking away from the door, she had no idea what the person was going to do.

They then start jogging slowly behind her, and so she started running.

"Help!" she yelled, hoping that any of her neighbors would hear.

No one came to her rescue!

As soon as she got to the stairs, trying to run down; the stranger grabbed her hand bag, pulling her close to him.

He then grabbed her arms, and hit her in her head, knocking her out.
The stranger, casually, dragged Sheina down the stairs, with no care of anyone who might have seen him.

He lifted her on his back when he got to the garage, took all her belongings and placed her in his trunk.

Guess what?
All of this happened and John is nowhere to be seen.

Do you think the stranger kidnapped Sheina because of dealings with John?

Do you think John planned Sheina's kidnapping, for whatever reason?

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