Delving into greater depths- a true underwater experience-Day Two

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"Day Three!" I exclaimed in my head, as we went out on the boat. I was so excited for the training to be over, so I could dive freely; but I know much harder tasks were ahead. The day was just as beautiful as the other days, and the sun was really hot! As the boat passed our usual dive site, I then remembered that we were going to dive at a different site that day. I was super nervous, because I got so accustomed to the Pirate's Bay beach front. My over-thinking attribute definitely kicked in; I was constantly worried about how this site looked and the variety of marine species there. It was already difficult enough that we had to roll out of the boat without our dive gear; only with our snorkel and fins. I literally said to myself, "well if I die today, Lord please forgive me for all my wrong doing."
Yall might laugh, but this was one of my greatest fears! Jumping/delving into a deep body of water, with the thought of sinking and never resurfacing. Obviously this thought didn't come up earlier, because the BCD allows you to float after a few rolls in the water. I am very sure no one suspected my fear and the terror I felt inside, I did a really good job at hiding it.

My instructor rolled off first, followed by Kaia, then it was my turn. I took a huge breath and rolled back; slowly exhaling until I was calm at the surface. I couldn't believe how simple it was. I was petrified and yet, I was still able to seamlessly complete the task, and more so, without raising the suspicion of anyone.
No time was wasted, as soon as we were settled in the water, the captain passed our BCD. The water pressure was against happiness, because I had to unbuckle the left should straps, so my hand could get in. I t was also harder to pull the straps tight around my body; but guess what? Like every other challenge, I overcame!
Once my BCD was on securely with my tank, it was time to put on my weights, just as I would have done before. It took a few tries, but I got it with absolutely no assistance. When I was done my instructor looked at me through his snorkel to ensure everything was okay, then he gave me a high five. I was super excited for the dive and excited to do the compass skill. Before we left for the boat, we did the compass skill on land, and it was easy enough; not it was time to put it to use in water. We had to do the skill both at the surface and below water; I was most definitely looking forward to doing it below the surface.

Kaia went first while Keywell and I looked on. We had to swim a good distance, following the instructions that Andreas gave to us. I was worried, because I practically nailed it, on land. Soon Kaia was through and it was my turn.
I listened carefully to the instructions and followed the compass carefully.
It got a bit challenging at times having to identify with the area you have to go and land and sometimes looking down to swim, sometimes you direction would change a little. I still did well, when I was done, I was commended as usual, with an okay sign and a thumbs up!

The skill was done on the surface, now it was time to descend. We all gave the okay sign and slowly went down. As we slowly descended, as usual I'm descending to fast and have problems equalizing. So I ascended a little, equalized and then descended again. I believe this was always a challenged for me, because I'm so mesmerized by the beauty of underwater, that I completely forget that I'm not a fish, and there are certain measures I have to take. (LOL!!)
Anyway when I reach the bottom, it was even prettier than our usual site, I was totally blown away. The site was like a slope; it had rocks where we descended then as you swam deeper, it was filled with corals and gorgeous marine species that I haven't yet seen. I was wowed away, but of course I couldn't open my mouth to make the wow sound!!!

The visibility was sooo good that day, I looked into deeper waters and I could see for a great distance ahead. It was truly amazing, I was no longer fearful of what the new site had in store for us. Well of course, once we get underwater, we had skills to do. So we got right to it. My instructor ordered that I stay with Keywell and look on, while he took Kaia to do the compass skill. I looked at them as they both swam into the distance, and I could still see their shadow, even though they were far away. When they got back, I slowly lifted from the sand and swam to my instructor as he called me. I did the compass skill yet again, even better than on the surface, and I was able to swim right back to Keywell and Kaia without looking up! My compass skills were on point, I was so proud of myself!!!

The dive was simple that morning, the only other underwater skill I did was taking my goggles off, swimming a while, then putting it back on and clearing the water. I despised this skill, I'm sure you would remember me saying this; literally my most despised skill. Anyways, down to the end of the dive, I did it, and this time I was way deeper than the previous times, so I know for sure I couldn't panic and do anything stupid, it wouldn't have ended well. Soon enough it was over, I cleared my goggles and circled around to end the dive. I was so relieved and excited to end the skill.

We resurfaced and then headed to the boat. We had to go back on land to refill our tanks and come back out for our last training session that day.
.............................................................................................................................................................Fast forward to the afternoon, because who wants to hear about filling tanks anyway. LOL

So we're on the boat, and Andreas is telling us what we're going to do before enjoying a nice dive. He said that we'd do the tired diver tow again and then he mentioned a skill that I was most nervous about. I wasn't even afraid or whatever, is just the thought of, whether I'll be able to pass the skill or not.

We got in the water and did the tired diver tow and everything, and we did it well.
Then it was time to do CESA (Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent).
You literally had to go down to at least 6+ meters, show the out of air signal- take a deep breathe and only exhale until I got to the surface.

Listen this skill would have definitely been a task for me, because I can't keep long breaths. I looked over at Keywell, while Kaia descended preparing for the skill and I know he saw the nervousness on my face. I asked him, "Keywell, how in heaven's name I going to do that?" He laughed and said, "You go make it man, don't worry.!" Keywell had more faith in me than I had in myself. I honestly wasn't calmed by his words, but I knew somehow I had to make it today! LOL

I looked underwater using my snorkel and gazed at Kaia as he did the skill.
I saw when he gave the out of air signal and then started ascending. He did it effortlessly, surface, and orally inflated his BCD. I was wowed away, and my heart started to race so fast, as my instructor called me over!!!

I slowly descended with my instructor to the mark on the line they placed in the water. I ensure to take one huge breath before showing him the out of air signal, and then slowly releasing air until I reached the surface. Funny enough, as soon as I reached the surface, I started inhaling again, I needed that air!!!
I struggled to keep myself afloat while orally inflating my BCD, but of course I blew air into my BCD like my life depend on it. LOL

I was just so glad the skill was over, and my instructor gave me great remarks; that was all that mattered.

It was finally time to enjoy a dive, with no skills, I could finally enjoy a dive without worry of having to ace a skill!!!!

Here's some of the marine species I saw on my final dive.
1-Pterois volitans (LIONFISH)

I did research and a presentation on this fish species, so to see it in person was a priviledge. Lionfish really don't care about anybody, lol! They know they ugly and fish don't like them as food, they 'RUN THINGS!'

2- Snake Eel (Very colourful- blue, yellow, black)
I don't know the scientific name, so none of the pictures I researched looked like it!
But I am petrified of snakes, and I was shocked that I wasn't afraid while swimming over it, was quite a beauty to behold!

3- Pomacanthidae species- Angel Fish

These beautifies love to swim in pairs, and my instructor informed me that that they swim as a couple. So cute!!!

4-Mycteroperca interstitialis (Yellow Mouth Grouper)

Groupers are always 'grimmey' they always look upset and look like they want to eat you. LOL, honestly!!!!
But Groupers are harmless, they jus swim by like you're not even there. All the groupers I've met up on, didn't even think about swimming up to me to take a closer look; they're just 'grumpy sweethearts.'

I saw some other small species of fish, but I honestly can't identify with them. My final dive was like heaven underwater, it was amazing...

I couldn't believe that at the end of all my training dives, I was underwater for a total of 138 minutes; blows my mind!
I was so glad that I passed all my diving skills and would be awarded as an 'Open Water Diver!"


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You're blessed and high favoured by the most high. Continue to do great works and congratulations sweetheart 😇

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Thanks hun, appreciate it.

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