Maidan is next

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Study the Maidan incident that Joe Biden orchestrated.

Two sides at a tense stand off.

Shots fired from outside the line of scrimmage killing a couple on each side.

All out bloody conflict

Installing the incompetent chocolate factory wizard.

Strange that the day Porky was voted out, all Dem candidates dropped everything to back Biden. (because he is under indictment in Ukraine.)

You may not want to participate in the process but your city and your home will burn as they follow the same playbook that you never bothered to look at.

I don't participate either, but I study everything. I followed Maidon as if it were my country - And now it is.

I have been preparing for this day for a long time. I saw it coming. Trump was right in his speech rhetoric. If they are elected or take it by force, the country is gone. The TPP would have done that four years ago. It would have handed all sovereignty of The United States over to an unelected world government body. That stopped with Trump's first victory.

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