Covid, Climate Change, Camps, and Cash

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This is a 30,000 foot view out one window of the airplane. Something didn't sit right with me when the virus hit. Was it a bio weapon? Will China kill us all?

Two schools of thought govern the outcome:

- Enough masks and distance will get us back to normal.

- Virus deniers (The governments are over reacting).

I have listened to all sides of many stories and after sorting out what is and is not plausible, I see what is happening. This video explains where we are heading.

If I get requests to, I can go into some of the branches of information that brought me to these conclusions.

At the end I propose work for someone who wants immediate payment in any crypto-coin. I have a lot to say but I am limited in my editing ability. I also have platforms where I post, and I want someone else's voice to do the talking. I would like to spend more time making content and less trying to learn how to edit videos.

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