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End of Exploitative Betting, Albetrage Launches Arbitrage Betting Platform for Punters

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11 months ago

Everyone loves sport betting, it improve our socialization skills, serves as a good form of leisure and entertainment. It create the possibility and potential of winning big bucks which is probably the biggest reason why people choose betting in the first place. Betting has brought a great deal of wealth to the world, but it hasn’t resulted in shared prosperity. The gambling industry as of today is an enormous and ever growing enterprise that worth over $449.3 billion. Yet majority of bettors today, due to the manipulative ways betting platforms were setup, has nothing to show for years of patronizing the industry, this has caused many to quit. The betting industry today is not just broken, but also exploitative. They operates on promises of making bettors rich, but use every trick in their book to confuse and manipulate customers, making them to lose more than they gain. They have mastered the art of using odds to confuse and manipulate bettors, indirectly making bettors to chose what they (the bookies) wants them to chose. They set their odds in a way that they can tell what majority of bettors are going to bet on. They know they are going to lose more than 60% of their bets. All that is about to change.

Albetrage platform eases a complete shift in the area of sport betting, it was developed with the aim of disrupting the betting industry using cryptocurrency and blockchain. Albetrage will put power in the hands of the bettors, eliminating exploitations. It will provide the wider global community with ways to bet in sport, that will enable both the bookies and bettors to share betting revenue proportionately. Albetrage will achieve this by fostering a self-sustaining platform where everybody can bet with confidence of winning. To accomplish this, Albetrage being an
arbitrage platform, will always create arbitrage situations for punters to take advantage of. Arbitrage works when a bettor takes advantage of the different odds offered by different bookmakers, by placing multiple bets on each of the possible outcomes of an event, so long as the odds guarantee a profit. Arbitrage betting is the only way to make constant profits from sports betting. You don’t even have to rely on your knowledge of sports. Once you have placed an arbitrage bet you have already made profit. You can read Albetrage whitepaper here to understand fully how Albetrage platform works.

Albetrage will not only disrupt the sports betting industry, it will rather foster a completely new (sub)industry. It will
create blockchain based possibilities which were beyond the horizon of realistic implementation before the advent of blockchain.
The platform’s ATE Token is the fuel of the Albetrage’s ecosystem, it is a community driven decentralized crypto currency powered by a decentralized TRC-20 smart contract on the Tron blockchain. Ate token will help Albetrage to break the barrier of location which has been a major hindrance to many bettors all over the world and also help bettors to bet anonymously. It can be transferred peer to peer and will be traded on all major cryptocurrency exchanges.

By utilizing blockchain, ATE token and also Albetrage unique technology, Sports betting will serve as a form of investment where a return is guaranteed.

With Albetrage platform, is time to stop gambling and start winning.
Visit Albetrage website for more information:

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11 months ago
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