My Online Seller Journey

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2 years ago

I started posting on Facebook as Online Seller way back 2016, and at first it's not easy and that time online selling is not yet so trending. And because I have an entrepreneur mindset I am so eager to learn how to be come a ONLINE SELLER . In May 2016 when one of my husband friend in Manila offered me to work from home and I am wondering how would it be? I mean how can I work at home that I need to taking care of my 1st son. AND then she explained to what to do.

Steps for Selling Items

  • Copy and paste the Items(it means I need to copy and paste the picture where she put her online items in short meron siyang group page)

  • Post it on your social media. (This is the only way to market your items)

  • Make a group chat for a group of persons if they want to be your reseller. (Another tips to grow your market, ask people friends or a family member wants to earn from home)

  • Make a good caption Everytime you post on your social media.

  • You can also join to a market group in your place to attract more costumers or to find friends to add so that many can see your items.

  • And wait for someone to ask you "HM" AND REPLY IT WITH "PM" hahaha.

This are the steps I am using before when I'm starting my journey. At first it's difficult to market hahaha because of the fact that they can also buy it in malls or any botique .But I continue posting and after 3days I was able to sell almost 20 t-shirt because that time I am selling printed t-shirt .But I need to wait for it because all the items are not onhand . I need to send money to my Supplier before the items will be mine.

And this are the ways how to shipping my items.

  • Send the items to your supplier.

  • Ask for the invoice of your orders

  • Send payment to the remittance

  • Send your destination to where your items will be delivered.

  • And after that usually wait for 3-5days to pick up on the delivery branches thats on your receipt.

Being a Online Seller is not easy ,I encountered many trial and error and until now I experienced that one . Normally I don't ask for "PAYMENT FIRST POLICY" because all of my costumers are here near me my friends,family and family's friend .But sometimes I believed that your family can triggered your business hahahaha .If they order and after receiving they will say I will pay you later or worst never hahaha.

Online selling is interesting job ,you hold your time you have no boss. You can do all you want. My Online selling journey is my job since I go home from abroad .I love selling online,you can get easy money if your focus on posting items .

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2 years ago