Why should anyone have Brave Browser installed and same time earn BAT Tokens!

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3 years ago

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency have been on raise, Blockchain tools are on demand which lead Brave Browser to be one of the best tools that anyone need to have on their devices, mobile or PC it works fine.

Brave Browser is a tool focused in privacy and protection on the internet, Blockchain-based and also with a great affiliate program that reward users in BAT tokens worth $ 0.25 , basically pay the user to watch no intrusive ads protecting the browser history from malware scripts, trackers or other malicious virus trying to spy on your device.

The Brave Browser team built in to be innovative, secure and compete with the traditional browsers like Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox or even Microsoft Edge but being Blockchain based browser and rewarding users to watch non intrusive ads is more important right now than the competitors in Cryptocurrency space, anyone can apply to be a content creator publisher and got BAT tokens along that!

Be my guest and join the revolution being a Brave Creator and be able to earn free tokens doing that!


Secure your privacy download BRAVE!

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