Bitcoin Cash is the future, Bitcoin just a boring asset!

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3 years ago

Back in 2008/9 when Satoshi Nakamoto had the idea to built a network that could run cryptographic money he was actually thinking in something much affordable to anyone, but after 11 years on the market the asset Bitcoin (BTC) have been only being a game of whales, where they play ever kind of game in the name of profit, they become more richer than ever dumping and buy back only in the name of profit.

Bitcoin isn't no more an asset to afford it becomes more unstable, more people just involved with only to gamble, yes to gamble with and earn some bucks from it, the fees in each transaction become more expensive than other crypto assets, it is no more what Satoshi Nakamoto wanted, a complete asset controlled by few people that anytime could hurt the all crypto market! It's no more to people who thinks It's to empower the world and combat the monetary injustice from the centralised world!

BTC game leaded by whales they just lay low and make some huge profits!!

For one Unit of BTC that get more value in the market, also the fees become more expensive, the transaction are getting more and more congestion on network and are slow than many Blockchain!

Why Bitcoin Cash is the future!

Bitcoin Cash is definitely what the world expected from Bitcoin, an asset that could be embraced by anyone, used in daily routines for payments in small and large scale, the True Bitcoin.

Nakamoto wanted an asset that could be for everyone and anyone could be his own bank, where the importance and meaning could help the decentralized world to be more efficient and more cheaper to secure transactions in a lightning speed also have transactions instantly confirmed and all that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) have, so why using Bitcoin when BCH is more user friendly and also an asset that could be used as the really peer-to-peer electronic cash?!

In a world where physical coin are becoming obsolete Bitcoin Cash BCH is the future of payments 💪

When Bitcoin (BTC) need lightning network to equally Bitcoin Cash (BCH), to perform better on network, BCH have been built-in to be the original Bitcoin, more faster (lightning speed), more cheaper (almost zero on fees) "almost" instantly confirmed it was designed to fulfill all needs from people in any part of the world.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is the future of 💰. Join the movement and let's together change the world adopting BCH!

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3 years ago


also have transactions instantly confirmed

That's not true. The BCH transactions are not immediately confirmed, but because Bitcoin Cash does not have an RBF (replacement by fee), unconfirmed transactions can be considered secure and the coins from unconfirmed transactions can be issued immediately.

Why Lightning Network is a false development, I have written here:

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3 years ago

Oh thanks Telesfor I will update it for "almost" confirmed on Network, glad to have you commenting and observing my posts!

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3 years ago