Sumska Street ( Сумская улица) at a glance || Kharkiv, Ukraine

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When you go to explore a large city what you expect exactly? Tall large skyscrapers, vast plazas, modern malls, steel structures, and all modern facilities. Kharkiv city is different, to be honest, whenever you will come here, after arrival you will get the feelings of mixed culture of Soviet Period and Modern Ukraine. I felt that after leaving the airport, a completely different city which is developing slowly. The first thing I have noticed about this city was the streets and surroundings. All administrative buildings still represent the symbol of the Soviet Period, they are historical buildings with enormous horizontal groove lines. Impressive architecture with a modern interior inside.

Today I am going to take you to explore Sumska Street with me, a prominent, longest street of Kharkiv city which also serves as an administrative line between Kyivskyi and Shevchenkivskyi district of Kharkiv city.

After leaving Kharkiv airport and highway, if you take a taxi first thing you will see is this longest street which will invite you to enter Kharkiv city.

I started exploring this street from Constitution square, in front of the Museum of History (Istorychnyi Muzei). I took the metro and it took me 20 minutes to reach there approximately. You must be thinking that this street has been decorated for Christmas. No, whenever you will go there, you will be able to see these beautiful lights.

This is a beautiful history museum holding all the history of Ukraine and Kharkiv city. Very modern 3 storied building with glass facades and exquisite exterior. Metro station is nearby so you can go there easily.

This area is more planned and organized. All administrative offices are here even more than the city center. Basically Sumska Street connected constitution Square and City center. If you start walking from this point and continue walking straight following the Chandelier lights, you will reach the city center.

This is the biggest thermometer with a clock in Kharkiv city but maybe the biggest mercury thermometer in entire Ukraine but I am not sure. This mercury Thermometer is clearly visible and almost 40 feet in height following city-scale. Many people come here to take pictures...

And the Roman numbers in the clock will indicate the time for you...

Kharkiv is known as the second-largest city of Ukraine and it was the capital of the USSR from 1919 to 1934. This city is a historic city which is still holding the culture of the Russian Empire. If you notice the building, you will clearly see that. This city was founded in 1654 and so far many things have been changed after the war. This city is developing drastically but this part of the city will stay untouched completely because of history.

This street is one of the busiest streets of Kharkiv, people move so fast here just like cars. Also, you will see the traffic here. A lot of exchanges, pubs, restaurants, and coffee shops are located here. Most of the buildings here are administrative buildings, all important industrial offices are located here including some government offices. During the daytime, you will see another look of this street but at night this street looks so beautiful.

When I was walking under this entire lighting system, I felt like enormous chandeliers are above my head and I felt like I am in another world. It looked so pretty and felt like a carpet of stars and lights.

Once I have asked a Ukrainian what you love about this city? She said another name of Kharkiv is life.

"Here, you have everything, if you want city life with the peace you will find it here. If you want to find yourself and want a quiet place for yourself, you will find it here. If you want a metropolitan lifestyle with a job, you will find it here. From modern city life to village life, everything is here. You just need to choose and in the end, if you notice, you will find yourself happy"...

I guess she is right...Here you have a city, you have regions and villages, you just need to find a comfortable place for yourself.

Smuska street is the heart of the city, every day many people come here for work purposes, many people cross the road the entrance into the city and at the end of the day, they leave the city. If you want to go outside of Kharkiv city, you have to cross this road. Every day hundreds of cars enter the city through this street.

This part of the city never sleeps, always stayed busy and people move from here to there. You can go anywhere in the city from this area, you can take the bus, metro, taxi anything from here. As I have said night look is gorgeous than day time but many don't even care as this is their everyday way to the office and home.

Here are some pictures of mine, well how I can resist capturing some of my pictures of this beautiful place, it's hard to hold. Some pictures will stay as a memory.

This street is holding so many histories and memories of Kharkiv city, you just need to explore and have to open your mind to feel the mystery of history...

You can watch my video for more details...



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Beautiful pictures! I did not know that Kharkiv was the capital of the USSR before. As you explained in the blog, it seems that the town has a mixture of the old and the modern, which makes travelers very interested in its history how the town transferred. Plus, the winter illuminations look very beautiful!

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