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"State of Mind"- still many of us don't know the exact definition of this term. Whenever someone asks me to describe the state of my mind, I often get confused. Somehow I feel I don't have the answer. What should I tell? How to describe my state of mind because of so many things ongoing at a time. Sometimes rational, sometimes emotional, sometimes anxious so no specific words to describe this term.

If you explain that your state of mind is rational that means your mind is in a standard position. You are fully engaged, emotional, and focused of course. You are in a stable position where you know what to do and you have full control of your mind. You are not overthinking, a little bit of stress can be okay. This is basically the middle of the street, you know your destiny and you can choose where you want to go. This type of state of mind is normal and most people's state of mind is rational. If you are on the job, you probably won't stress out, when you come home, you relax and suddenly divert your mind into something...

Well, I am writing these notes on the basis of my understanding, I might be wrong. But observing my state of mind, I am writing this post.

How are you gonna understand your state of mind? Just ask yourself and try to understand your condition.

Another fact I wanna focus on today and those are depression and anxiety. Obviously, if you notice or observe an individual, you will understand why I am focusing on more anxiety and depression. Both are completely different from each other. What are the reasons for our anxiety? Family issues, performance, life, career, job everything causes anxiety somehow. Lack of sleep, overthinking, stress out, tension is the reasons for anxiety...Maybe you always think about your future and that is anxiety...

On the other hand, depression is hard to deal with. I have talked before about my depression level and how it affected my life. Anyhow my past regrets and mistakes put me into severe depression. One of the reasons was my arrogance and self-confidence. To be honest, my career, my life stories, mistakes, and regrets put me into depression and I was lost. So I know how it feels when you are in depression and nobody is around. I used to feel ignored and at some point, I used to think to kill myself. My past caused me so much pain and I was stuck into that moment. My feelings were trapped and were stuck at the bottom of the well, dark deep...Can you imagine that?

Why it is very important to understand your own state of mind? If you don't know how you are feeling then you will never be able to move forward and understand yourself. To grow self-confidence and improve yourself it's important to understand what's going on inside your mind. We always say, follow your mind, the answer is there but if you are not aware of your own mind status then you will be a confused person and somehow you will end up losing yourself.

Again I am saying I might be wrong, I just wrote my own thoughts and understanding. If you have any definitions, feel free to share. I would love to hear from you...

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Creo que la clave está en no preguntar por el estado de ánimo sino en enfocarse en preguntas clave. ¿Estás feliz/triste?, ¿Qué te hace feliz/triste?, ¿Qué te tiene tan enojado? y así... El tema de la depresión es muy complejo. Es algo que no es cuestión de voluntad, es un proceso que se debe ir fortaleciendo con terapia, medicamentos y rutinas. Es Difícil si, pero se puede tener una buena calidad de vida si se toman las riendas del asunto.

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