Some dry Blue Orchids

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Humans always admire the beauty of flowers but often throw them away when these flowers lose their beauty. Nobody admires dead flowers and it's impossible to keep flowers alive forever. As a nature lover, I understand the value of flowers and never forget to cherish and appreciate their beauty.

Have you ever heard of dry flowers? Of course, you do have heard, even many people use dry flowers as home decor nowadays but rare. Recently, I have done something interesting, a few weeks ago I have bought a sapphire orchid plant. Beautiful blue orchid and when I have noticed that the flowers are dying, I have decided to keep them with me. But How? There are no other options except to make them dry. I also wanted to preserve their colors too so I kept them in the middle of a heavy book. I have done this same process before, memorable gifted flowers or any natural elements that I used to like, kept them in the middle of the book.

Today, I opened the book and finally noticed my blue dried orchid...

The flowers are completely dried but the colors remained the same; bold blue color. I was observing the texture and colors of these dried flowers and has found something interesting. Have you ever noticed the texture of the flowers? Did you ever try to feel the texture? Have you ever tried to understand where the astounding colors of flowers come from? Many types of research have been done to understand the color contrast and highlight of nature. The structure of a flower is fascinating, texture, geometry, and pigmentation always help the pollination process in nature. The vibrant colors of flowers often attract pollinators.

The petals of a flower are made of adaxial epidermis cells. The shape of the petals directs light within epidermal cells. As a result, the increased amount of light absorbed by the floral pigments can be seen that intensifies the color of the petals. Probably the intensify colors enhance their attractiveness to potential pollinators...

As far as I know, blue orchid doesn't exist and most blue orchid flowers are dyed by the human so I think that's the reason why the color of my orchids still remained the same.

Can you see the rough rustic and dried texture of these beauties? Probably their textures compelled me to touch them again and again. Yes, I must admit their colors are so attractive and eye-catching. But the visible texture and spatial relations caught my eyes.

Dead epidemic cells are visible as well as the contrast and highlight of blue color. You can clearly see these characteristics in these pictures...

Still, I don't know what will I do with these dry orchids, probably will create a DIY project or maybe will keep them always like this, untouchable. They are carrying a beautiful memory and I am sure after one year, I will come up with another story about them. I really hope they will stay like this...

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