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3 years ago

Today was a productive day like really productive. I have managed to wake up early because I had some scheduled works which I had to finish today.

Still, now I had to pay Dollar instead of Ukrainian currency as rent. I tried to talk to my landlord but according to the contract, I must pay the dollar. This contract was made 3 years ago and every year I just need to renew and extend the contract period. Moreover, any kind of damage to this home is my own responsibility, so if Gigi destroys the home, it will be my own responsibility to fix it. Gigi has grown so big and I have noticed that yesterday. She requires a large comfy space for her sleep and to play. I still don't know whether I can manage to rent a big home this year... No idea...

Winter hasn't finished yet and still, we are having snow. After 1 week I saw the beautiful rays of the sun but that doesn't make any difference during winter. Cold still remains the same, temperature below -4, freezing weather and the snow turns into large chunks of Ices.

I really don't enjoy walking on the ice. Not only because it takes double time to reach destiny but also I need to stay careful. I am glad that my snowboot is providing a nice service otherwise honestly I had no idea how can I manage to walk from one place to another. My nearest bank branch service is the worst, I guess I will write a complaint to the authority because there is no point to go to the nearest branch if they continue providing service like this. I have heard that other branch services are good so I guess this branch people are irresponsible. Today I had to go to another branch to manage my rent as my nearest branch couldn't provide me any dollars.

Trust me walking in cold weather is really frustrating. My hands often become red and swollen and cause a lot of pain. I have bought many gloves to protect my hand but none of them works perfectly. My hand always remains frozen and sometimes I can't hold a simple key ring. Last time because of pain, I cried a lot, tears were fallen automatically and turned into small pieces of ice.

My professor has told me to eat raw pieces of cloves of garlic and I followed her advice all the time but when the temperature turns to -8 to -10 degrees celsius, my hands struggle a lot. Next week, I have to go to the immigration to do some document work. My family wants to visit me so I have to prepare documents for them. It's been a long time I haven't seen my family so want to see them.

Hopefully, before summer, this pandemic situation will be under control though Ukraine declared quarantine rules until April. From this month Vaccination will be given to the citizens so I think the situation will be under control before summer...

I can't wait to meet my family once again...



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