Pripyat City - Chernobyl disaster

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3 years ago
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I love watching documentary films, short films, and to be honest I love to learn by watching documentaries more than reading an article. Recently I feel very fascinating and much more interested in knowing Russian culture especially the USSR period. Mostly, I am seeing movies and learning about Nuclear war and disaster as well. I guess this curiosity came into my mind because of living in Ukraine otherwise I would have never paid attention to these complex things. Understanding Nuclear energy is a complex subject and I was never been interested in learning about Physics and chemistry especially chain reactions and ATOMS. I had a plan to explore Chernobyl last year but somehow due to the COVID situation, I couldn't go there so I am planning this year I will give a try to explore the world of disaster- Chernobyl. I will try to organize a trip to Chernobyl very soon...

Chernobyl is now known as "Ghost City", nobody lives there except 2-3 Babuskas but they live in the village. I was seeing a video where Babuska was saying, she couldn't leave her home and instead, she asked she would replace your mother with me? No, right!! So, I can't replace my homeland with another especially where I was born. On Saturday 26 April 1986, a nuclear incident happened near the city Pripyat and more than 120,000 people had been evacuated to somewhere else within 6 hours. People left their belongings and pets behind and later, they haven't come back ever here.

I was thinking for a while, what I would do if I were in that situation? I can't imagine that perhaps because it was something suddenly and people didn't get any time to think about what's going on. I have read that people didn't even know where they were going and they were only allowed to take casual stuff. They had been told that they can come back after 4-5 days.

Many people died including fetuses due to the radiation. 12 hours before the disaster, nobody even ever imagined what is going to happen after 12 hours; the citizens of Pripyat were living their daily life. The world had never imagined that the disaster will affect a lot of countries and lives. The death rate never registered after the disaster, USSR tried everything to hide the disaster but failed...

I saw the mini-series of Chernobyl on HBO before but this time I was focusing on learning more about disaster and accident while watching the series once again. People share a lot of stories about Chernobyl and still now this disaster haunts the people of Pripyat. I guess they will never forget what exactly happened at that time. Many lost their babies, many lost their loved ones. It's been almost 25 years since the disaster happened and still now many couldn't ever forget how they witnessed their loved one's death in front of their eyes.

The failure of the safety test and the mistakes of the USSR changed people's life for forever, many villages and cities destroyed suddenly and many lost their homes. Also, I read about Bio-Robots and was thinking what if they denied taking the risk of radiation knowing that sooner or later they would die, then what would have happened now? Maybe Ukraine would have destroyed completely. I can only think because I can't go back to the past to witness the disaster in person. I can only imagine how people were feeling that time knowing that death is in front of them, calling them.

Still now, living in Chernobyl is not safe in fact it would remain the same for more than 1000 years. Scientists are saying probably after 4000 to 20,000 years, people can come back to Chernobyl for a living. Insane, isn't it...

People can go to excluded zone to explore Chernobyl, the city of Pripyat. Still, many belongings can be found there after 25 years, tourists go there just to gather the experience of the history of the Ghost city. Nobody can't see reactor no 4 of the nuclear power plant in person. it's not safe at all to visit.

I just hope that before my death, one day I will explore Chernobyl and Pripyat city... One day



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