No wonder, good days are coming || End of Winter

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3 years ago
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After 6 months of continuous gloomy cold snowy weather, finally, the temperature is rising and the environment is getting warmer. But yes, cold is better than the heatwave, I mean I don't like too much hot days when everything becomes dry and dehydration problem occurs. I am a monsoon lover girl so just I avoid too hot days. During last summer, the temperature had raised up to 40 degrees celsius which was pretty annoying. My apartment room was turned into a boiling room, so this year I am not going to take any chance... So, I am preparing for summer to keep my room cool.

Today's weather was pleasant, shiny sunny day with a cool gentle breeze, it seemed like a perfect spring day but I am not so sure if this is the arrival of Spring or not.

The sky was clear, so blue and the mighty sun was playing hide and seek by hiding itself behind the large building. An enjoyable day and a productive day as well. I really liked how the sun was trying to peep behind the building. I guess I need to keep my sunglasses in my bag from now on.

My health is doing better and I am on medication. It was viral fever and glad that it was not corona. I was really worried about my health condition but now I am recovering.

The number of cars and personal transports is increasing nowadays, I noticed heavy traffic today which I have never seen before especially in this area. I have taken these pictures on my way to work. I had to finish my documents work as well as had to pay some bills. The snow already melted but trees are taking time to become alive once again.

After a long time, I felt good because of the weather, I was in rush but still, I enjoyed my walk and it was not boring at all. I needed to wear my heavy coat just in case because I don't wanna be sick once again.

The colors of the sky were getting reflected on the surface of the building which was an unusual but beautiful sight. Interesting to notice that how these old buildings play a key role in this city. Well, I haven't edited these pictures and this was the real color of the sky. The nearest neighborhood area seemed quiet, the cars were parked nicely and the entire area was calm and quiet.

Soon this area will be alive, will be full of greens. The grounds will be covered with fresh grass and trees will be green as well. Flowers will be bloomed soon and I am eagerly waiting for upcoming nice days as well.



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