No more investment in flower pots

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3 years ago
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It does not even spring yet but I am noticing spring flowers around. Well, recently many stores are full of spring flower plant pots which is pretty interesting and lucrative too. I often go to the nearest superstore for grocery shopping and today I noticed their flower section is full of flowers. When I first came here, I used to think about where they getting these flower pots because it's winter and everything covered with snow. It's hard to grow any flower plants due to the characteristics of the season...Later I understood all are from the greenhouse, basically, they are greenhouse plants.

I am pretty sure those who live in winter countries they are aware of these common facts and how much it is important having a greenhouse for the garden in winter dominant country.

The name of this flower is Flaming Katy, some common names are Christmas kalanchoe, florist kalanchoe. It's a very common flower here during spring. Last year I bought a pot of Flaming Katy and it is dead already. I couldn't take proper care of that and somehow the growth of the plant was not good and slowly it was started losing its leaves. Maybe I have given too much water or maybe I couldn't provide enough sunlight for the plant so it died.

This year I am not going to invest any money in this plant because it will die after 3-4 months especially after summer. I have enough plants to take care of for now so I am not sure whether I am going to add any new plants in my indoor garden or not. As I can't take good care of flower plants so for me they are bad investments. Better I will try to find blue phalaenopsis orchid.

The same things happened to me when I bought two Primrose plants last year and they died. I bought the red and white one and eventually, they ended up dying one by one. I had spent almost 60 UAH per plant pots and later after one month they died. I know these spring flowers look pretty cool in an indoor garden but I have realized that somehow my home is not suitable for such plants or maybe I don't know how to take care of such plants.

Soon everywhere will be full of flowers, many people will start selling flowers, flower pots at a cheap rate. Obviously, the pot price in supermarkets is high comparing to the normal shop. If you buy from the kiosk, these plant pots will be cheap more.

So far my orchids and ferns are doing great and I don't think I will add any additional spring flower pots this year.

So, no more investment in flower plants...



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3 years ago
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