Let's make our everyday "A Perfect Day"

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2 years ago
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Instead of covering myself in a mysterious dark illusion, I decided to wrap myself in red. Explosive bold red has been always on my preferred list but still black is my priority. Seeing my impulsive, mysterious attitude, my friends used to call me Dark Devil or Dark Angel although I am nothing like that. I am just a random human being who has created an invisible wall around her. You can also say an unbreakable shell has been created around me which is hard to destroy. My mind can be shaky sometimes but not my ethics, I am pretty much strong when it comes to standing on my own ethics.

I imagine you have an idea about a stubborn individual's attitude, they will understand you but never listen to you. In the end, they will do what exactly they want. After swallowing so many mistakes in life, one thing I have realized- "the importance of fixing the purpose of life". You can't control destiny but you have full control over your intention. If your aim is not clear, you will be confused. Sometimes we become confused when we are surrounded by so many elements, it's natural, humans can't focus on many tasks at a time. You can only concentrate on one single element at a time but you have to select that one element among all.

Recently, I have been going through a lot. Stress has become my companion but nothing to do except diverting myself for a while. I said before that I have tried a lot to follow many guidelines but somehow I consider myself a failure as I couldn't control myself reducing stress. Just like gloomy winter can't avoid the dark ages, I couldn't treat myself properly like I used to do.

Today, after ages when the mighty sun-kissed my eyes in the morning, I realized this is the day to be shine. I knew after dark days there will be always sunshine and today was the day to rise and shine. Suddenly, I came up with a strong decision, I will not absorb stress, no more life headache. This day will be only for mine. Today I will adorn myself in colors and I did it. 9 degrees celsius spring weather is a blessing and I took it as an opportunity to enjoy my day.

After wrapping myself in warm and bright color clothes, I went for a long walk without fixing any destination. I felt like the pathway will create a destiny for me and I will walk until I become tired. Bright soft sun rays were following me all my way and fluffy white clouds were floating above the highrise. They looked like white soft cotton balls and created a desire for me to touch them at least once...

I don't know the definition of perfect days but people say, any day can be a perfect day. You just need to keep yourself happy and as long as you are happy, every day is a perfect day. Do we need reasons to be happy? The answer is there are plenty of reasons around us to be happy. If we focus on negativity over positivity how we will become happy, right? Our surrounding is mysterious and it is full of both negativity and positivity. It's our duty to choose wisely and of course, in the end, we all choose to be happy, right?

Lets' make our every day is a perfect day...

“Don’t wait for a perfect day. To make it a perfect day, dance the whole day, sing every hour, and love every moment”
― Debasish Mridha



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2 years ago
Topics: Life, Blog, Story, Writing, Experiences, ...