I went to the worst Barber Shop in Kharkiv....

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3 years ago
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I was thinking twice before writing this post, hahaha... I was thinking should I write about it or not? Normally I don't write bad reviews or just don't care but this time I found something interesting here which put me into a dilemma whether I should write or not. The fact is simple, bad review but am sure this article will not hurt anyone, :P

When you go to a salon or a barbershop for a fresh haircut or spa or anything related to skincare or hair products, what exactly do you expect? According to my perspective, I don't expect much except hygiene, clean and simple place. Nobody likes messy unhygienic places no matter how cheap the price you offer for the customer or how good your skills are when it comes to cutting hair.

Let's talk about my experiences.

My boyfriend needed an urgent haircut so we decided to go to the nearest barbershops. Here, before going to any salon or barbershop, you have to make an appointment because most saloons or barbershops stay full during the weekend. Even for simple nails art or manicure, you have to make an appointment at least a day before the day you want.

As it was the weekend, so all shops were already full except one. This shop was located near the metro station and seemed like owned by two students. This is not a new shop, they are doing business here almost for 3 years. So, we decided to give it a try as there were no other options.

Most of the shops especially saloons and barbershops are owned by Ukrainians and only a few foreign barbers are available here. Obviously, saloon or barbershops that are owned by Ukrainians located in good places.

After entering the shop, my expression was like: "what the hell am I?". As it was the weekend there were a lot of customers (mostly boys) were waiting for the haircut. One thing I wanna mention here, here most of the saloons or barbershops are both for girls and boys when it comes to a haircut, hair treatment, or hairstyle(hair color). I was so disappointed to see the entire environment of the shop.

It was so messy and looked so unhygienic too. The couch which was placed for sitting looked so old and small as well. Most of the chairs were broken and all the products were spread here and there.

I think their target customers are mostly foreign students as one Indian and one Arbi were working there together. The shops looked too dull, unclean and moreover, the smell of all kinds of chemical products took away my breathe for a while. I was feeling exhausted.

The shop was small congested but look at the hair wash section. I don't mind going to the small shops like this plus I was not expecting something extraordinary from this location but at least I wanted a clean organized place. It looked like they didn't even clean the floor from the morning and haven't organized their shop for a very long time.

Very disappointing to be honest...

I personally feel cleanliness is very important for a salon or for a barbershop. Also, the products and pieces of equipment should be organized so that your customers will feel good at least. Hygiene is important too because any kind of messiness or unhygienic place can cause infection or rashes on the skin which later can cause skin diseases.

I am very conscious when it comes to taking care of my skin or hair and I won't pay a single money for such a kind of service. No matter how good they cut hair, my priority will be a good and clean environment.



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