I have found a Wooden Structure while exploring the street...

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3 years ago
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Exploring surrounding sceneries is my hobby and I never feel bored walking around, to be honest. I always look for good restaurants in Kharkiv especially those which are unique and have something worthy to see. I try to observe everything from scratch which means I observe subjects thoroughly. Maybe it sounds a little bit weird but it's better to observe any particles instead of checking them out. The weather is good now and it feels good walking outside. Now I have a companion so outdoor activities are not so boring.

I often feel fascinated by architecture. It doesn't need to be modern, it can be anything. Even I feel the formation of stone is a kind of architecture where you will see not only the shape and geometry of the form but also you will notice unusual patterns as well. Wooden structures are one of them, I often feel fascinated by them. Wooden cabin or any kind of structures I feel worthy to notice than concrete.

A few days ago when I was walking on Freedom Square, I have noticed a nice wooden structure hidden behind the trees. It was a restaurant and pub and attractive to look at. I know people have their own preferences and some like modern structures instead of wooden structures.

At first glance, I thought maybe it's a residence but later I noticed that it's a restaurant. Honestly speaking from far away, one can assume that this is a private residence because the exterior of these structures gives a vibe of residence. A pure brown wooden structure with a slope roof and balconies. Of course, you will notice several Virginia Pine trees in the garden and some small cottages as well.

The boundary wall was fascinating and decorative. I was looking at the wall for a certain time to understand the structure and pattern as I have never got the chance to work with wooden structures. Working with wood materials is one of my dreams and hopefully one day I will be able to do it.

This perspective turned out interesting, normally we don't see this type of perspective in person but using a wider angle helped me to achieve that.

I haven't checked the review of this restaurant yet, will do it later. After seeing the review, I will decide whether I want to go inside and try their food or not. Probably, I will go there again just to notice the structure thoroughly. If you ask me what is my first impression, I can't say you anything now. I need to look into it more...

It was blended with the surroundings and that's all I felt...



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