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3 years ago
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It's easy to humiliate people instead of inspiring them. Instead of encouraging someone, we always try to find other's fault and humiliate an individual. There are a lot of examples around us. When we see someone is doing great in life, we become jealous and start showing rude attitudes. Even we humiliate and judge people just by seeing the outlook. We never think twice about how that individual is feeling, even never try to understand the real facts. When we see a beggar or any poor people, we avoid them. If we see someone is different from us, we start questioning their abilities. Humans are always thought of themselves as superior and maybe that's why we love to compare ourselves with others.

Don't get me wrong but after seeing a certain situation, I decided to write about it. I went to a dentist's clinic for some information. After entering the clinic, I saw the receptionist was talking on her phone with a client. When she finished, I went there and started asking her few questions. Then again her phone rang and she requested for few minutes from me and received the call. When she has finished I started talking. Meanwhile, a woman came into the clinic with her daughter, and instead of giving me the answers, the receptionist paid attention to the woman. The entire situation made me so pissed off, the reason is very simple. I don't know what was going on in her mind but I felt like, she just ignored me and was not ready to interact and providing information that I needed to know...

This was just an example, there are plenty situation happened in life with me.

When I was a teenager, my classmates used to humiliate me for several reasons. They used to call me different names because I was skinny. Some of them bullied me saying nerd or backdated girl who doesn't have any fashion sense. This is a very common scenario, bully starts from the school. Now many will say kids are immature and they need proper lessons. I agree because teenagers don't understand many things in life.

But what about adults? For example, when a cleaner dreams of becoming a chef one day, we say Ah you are dreaming, your dream is so big and you are just a cleaner. You never gonna become a chef so just leave your dream. Don't think about it...That's why I said, instead of encouraging people, we discourage them and humiliate them saying, Look who is dreaming big, A cleaner!!!

Even when I tried to understand and enter into the crypto world, many said, leave it. You won't understand or crypto is not for a girl like you. You will never become a crypto trader. Well, I am not a trader but at least, I am learning about crypto. People often questioned me on my ability and judged me on the basis of what can I do and what I can't do. Even their judgemental comments feedbacks and assumptions had demotivated me so much that I used to justify my own ability by questioning myself. I don't want to push anyone to believe in me because...

I know I am the only one who can change my life. I can be anything I put my mind to. The only person I have to believe in; is me and myself...



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3 years ago
Topics: Life, Blog, Writing, Story, Experiences, ...