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2 years ago

Recently, I have been following many Defi projects. Defi is completely new to me and I am trying to understand the core of different projects and finance as well. Yes, the risk is there and that's why people always say before investment do your own research. Hive on that note, much safer and here you can do a lot of things with your investment. You can do curation, you can delegate and contribute to the communities or you can build a DApp as well. And of course, you can post as well to increase your investment...

Finance and economics is not my subject, my field was different, and through my study in Management, I understand investment and finance a little bit and now I am learning everything from crypto. Trading in the bull market is confusing, especially for those who are new to the world of crypto. To be honest, I don't have much knowledge about trading and crypto plus I am not a short-term trader. My theme is HOLD and I believe in the long-term. Recently, I have bought BNB and that's why I am checking some projects on BSC. I am already on cubdefi. finance. If you have any suggestions and any ideas about BSC projects, let me know...

Anyway, I am checking Pancake.finance as well...

I often feel fear when it comes to investment in real life. I have knowledge about the real estate business but still, due to risk fear, I often hesitate. Every business needs time I know and as I have gathered knowledge about management so I am thinking to take a baby step in the future. When I don't know. Crypto will be passive income and I really wanna focus on real-life investment. Besides, I want to do something for stability and I am sure at a certain point, everyone looks for stability in life thinking about the future.

As I understand the real-estate business so probably I will go for it but still don't know. Before that probably I will open a small online business to gather experience and to understand the market as well. I have seen that right now online businesses are doing good, a small investment to start and incorporate the idea will be good initially. I have the idea and I am trying to figure out from where to start.

For example, I had a t-shirt business a few years ago and I got a good response too but later I didn't continue it because I didn't want to continue it. I was doing it for pocket money and was not serious about it. Right now, through social websites, marketing is easier than before, you have to give time and focus on the traffic.

I am really hoping to do something for myself, maybe a little clever investment will help a lot. I think patience, proper planning, and research will help me to go through my concept, but yes it will take time...



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