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3 years ago
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I always feel pleasure whenever I explore some wonderful places in the city. The city, Dhaka where I was born is very rigid and complex. The scarcity of the open spaces abandoned me to enjoy the beauty of nature and city life. We had all modern amenities but also we had to consumed noise pollution and air pollution as well. Only some restaurants gave us the chance to spend some time with friends. But here the scenery is completely opposite, with a lot of open space to walk around.

Here, I can hear the sound of birds, smell the freshness of nature and inhale the fresh air. That's why here, in Kharkiv, the sky is so blue and clear often.

I was talking with my younger sister today, a long conversation about our life and city life. I was trying to convince her to visit me here in Kharkiv once again because spring, summer, and fall is the best time to explore this city. At one point we both agreed that we should think about traveling once again and perhaps after her visit, we might try to travel to Turkey.

Morning walk always helps me to start fresh and rethink my thoughts. I find a whole new dimension to reset my mind and I start thinking and seeing my life in a different way, of course positively. I live in a confined area so my home is not a good place to gather or achieve any creative work but as I am thinking for long-term stability, the outside atmosphere always helps me to find my answers.

A life settlement is not so easy, whenever my dad talks about it, I often feel frustrated and demotivated because of some kind of negativities. I always hate comparison and when it occurs, I feel demotivated and start blaming myself. I know the truth and reality but sometimes I can't help myself with it.

The struggle is hard and real, no matter how much I talk about it, I won't be able to express the reality of dealing with hardship. Everyone has to go through that phase more or less, we can't compare ourselves to others because everyone's life dimension is different. Some understand and some don't, those who have stability or those who never taste the flavor of hardship, they will never understand.

I often say, life is not a bed of roses, there will be barriers and struggles. But in the end, life is beautiful...The beauty lies in barriers...



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3 years ago
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