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3 years ago
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My aunt has died a few hours ago... A Pretty simple reason, she was COVID19 positive and now she has left the world, left us all behind and far far away from home, from her family. She was the elder sister of my mother, a very independent, confident, and brave woman I would say. My mom introduced me to her when I was a kid, maybe I was 2-3 years old. She used to come to our home every week and my mother used to tell me she is my other mother...I barely can remember any memories with her but I know she was very close with my mother...

My aunt used to do a job in UNICEF, she was a social worker and spent her 25 years there working for humans. She had a delightful life and I am sure wherever she is now, she is in peace.


This was the second time, my aunt was CORONA positive. 6 months ago, the doctor had found out her corona result for the first time which was positive and she had recovered that time by staying isolated and she took medicines as well. Her body had improved a lot and since then she was doing fine. But this time, she was not aware of her health issue. She was vaccinated as well. She thought she is fully recovered and there is no infectious virus left in her body because her coronavirus test result was negative. But, inside the virus was there and it was not seen in her covid test result and it did gradually damaged 60% of her lungs at the last moment.

Her husband is now okay so far. She was in ICU (intensive care unit) for the last couple of days, fight with coronavirus and later corona won and took her life...

Every single day many people are dying because of COVID, many families have completely broken, destroyed so far. Many are dying because of lack of proper treatment, some test results are false as well and the whole situation reminds us one thing; are we safe? So far I have lost 4 family members because of COVID and I don't know what is waiting for us. I know the whole world is dealing with this pandemic and we don't know how many lives this corona will take from us.

I have no words now, I am feeling empty suddenly. Death is something that makes me weak whenever I think about it. I know we all have to die one day but how we don't know when we don't know. Our future is uncertain, our life is at risk. We are taking vaccination and medicines but still risk level is high.

To whom we should blame? Covid, the government, or the citizens ?? Don't know, I don't have answers but all I can say medical sector of Bangladesh is not working properly as it should otherwise this situation wouldn't happen again. A covid positive patient is getting negative test results, so, where is the cure exactly...

This white Crocus reminds me of peace, they are beautiful and satisfying to look at. I was walking around and found out this small bed of bloomed white Crocus flowers. I was sad and felt that these flowers would be perfect for my aunt.

So, I am dedicating these flowers to my aunt and I hope wherever she is now, she will rest in peace...

May God bless her soul...



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3 years ago
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