Qasim, the Lord of Crocodiles, an Indian Fantasy

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Qasim, the Lord of Crocodiles, an Indian Fantasy

November 2020

Qasim, Lord of the Crocodiles

A year ago, I completed a kids' letters in order book utilizing fantasies and society stories from around the globe as the topic. I have just been dealing with the subsequent letter set book since February. Here is the seventeenth letter in the new book for the letter Q.

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Denise McGill

Qasim, The Lord of Crocodiles, An Indian Fantasy

Some time in the past in India, there was a rancher who had some land close to the stream. He would regularly go out and discover the greater part of his harvest devastated by crocodiles lying on the youthful green wheat sunning themselves. He attempted to shoo them back into the water yet they gave no consideration to him and possibly snickered when he waved his arms about in a fury. For a long time this occurred until he started tossing rocks at them. This caused them to stir and charge at him until he tumbled to his knees and implored them not to hurt him.

The crocodiles disclosed to him that they would not hurt him or lay on his wheat any more on the off chance that he consented to give his lovely girl to Qasim, the Ruler of the Crocodiles for a spouse. In the event that he declined they vowed to eat him. Considering just himself, the rancher concurred. At the point when the rancher got back and told his better half, she was despondent. Their little girl was guaranteed to wed into an exceptionally rich family and their fortunes would be secure. Presently all future lost. So the rancher's significant other persuaded the rancher not to respect his guarantee to the crocodiles.

As the big day gravitated toward the groom passed on surprisingly thus the rancher's little girl was allowed to wed another person. Since she was excellent, she got numerous proposals of marriage yet every future husband either got debilitated or kicked the bucket. At last, the young lady turned out to be extremely debilitated and the rancher's better half concurred that all the misfortune was a result of the rancher's guarantee to the crocodiles and concurred that she ought to wed the Lord of the Crocodiles. When they concurred, an incredible wedding parade came to accompany the young lady to the waterway. They brought lovely garments and gems and henna for recoloring the lady's hands. In any case, the young lady was pitiful reasoning she would be eaten or suffocated.

As the wedding parade played music, walking with plate loaded with gems, desserts, and articles of clothing, the entirety of the crocodiles wearing the wealth garments, Qasim, the Lord of the Crocodiles showed up displayed in gold and diamonds to accompany his lady of the hour. Qasim gave the rancher a red block and said that on the off chance that he ought to actually wish to see his girl, to toss it into the waterway. The superbness ought to have support the lady yet she sobbed right to the stream. At the point when they showed up, the waterway separated for them and a way to the lower part of the stream showed up. The crocodiles and the young lady all continued to the lower part of the waterway and it shut around them, leaving the rancher and his significant other on the shore marveling at their little girl's destiny.

The rancher and his significant other were doing admirably now that the crocodiles not, at this point demolished their yields yet the two of them missed their little girl and considered what had happened to her. The rancher chose to perceive what might occur in the event that he tossed the block into the waterway so they went down to the riverbank and when the block hit the water, it separated for them the manner in which it hosted for the wedding get-together. The rancher and his significant other assembled their fortitude and followed the way fixed with gems to the base where they happened upon an enormous castle with a brilliant rooftop. The guard guarding the front was not a crocodile so the rancher asked, "Whose royal residence is this?" The guard said it had a place with the Qasim, Ruler of the Crocodiles and the rancher grinned.

"Our little girl has this stunning castle to live in! Really awful her better half isn't as unbelievable."

The rancher's little girl was sitting next to an open window and ended up observing her dad and mom beneath. She got down on the window and said that she was unable to leave the royal residence until her significant other got back home and afterward they could come in. The couple was thrilled that she was alive yet weren't astounded that their helpless little girl feared such a horrendous spouse. At that point an attractive youthful Sovereign wearing gold defensive layer alongside numerous footmen rode upon ponies. The rancher's better half fell at the gold horseman's feet and asked for his assistance. "I am a helpless rancher's significant other and my little girl has been carted away by the horrible Lord of the Crocodiles. Would you be able to support me?"

"I am the Lord of the Crocodiles," the attractive youthful Ruler said. "What's more, your little girl is a decent spouse. She will be happy to see you."

There was incredible satisfaction at the gathering of the guardians and their little girl. They ate together for quite a long time. One day the rancher inquired as to whether the little girl could stay with them at their homestead when they return to dry land and Qasim said no. "However, I will give you a house and land here on the off chance that you like. You can remain and live with us." Subsequent to examining it together, the rancher and his better half chose to remain for eternity.

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