Queen of the ring

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3 years ago

This movie is another remarkable short series by our lovely Kim Seul Gi as what she did in Splash Splash Love. Honestly she deserves a long drama series because i am confident with her acting skills.

About this web series, its about a university student Mo Nan Hee who does not consider herself to be pretty and not been recognize by everyone. She started to have crush on Se Gun ( the campus heartthrob ), Unfortunately, Se Gun only dates pretty girls. One day, Nan Hee's mother gave her a magic ring which can make her looks like the ideal type of a person who puts the ring on her finger. Later on, Nan Hee asked Se Gun to put the ring on her then the magical story has start. Se Gun (under the spell) told everyone that Nan Hee is her ideal girl.

I will not spoil you guys to this movie. All what i can say is that this is recommended! you can finish the series in 3 hours ( 6 episodes , 30 mins each)

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Just amazing ❤

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