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Nowadays, social media is a tool for communications. Texting, messaging, phone and video calls, internet gaming,blogging, online jobs and many more related to

social media becomes a platform and an access to a passive income. Technology is improving as generation is changing constantly.

There are different kinds of website advertisement and mobile application that pays you a couple of penny just by doing simple tasks.

One of this online job is by creating an articles and writing stories to a particular site.

With this, i will discuss some strategy on how you can create a good article.

Some of us can really write a stories, a poem and an editorial that gain attention to the public.

Most are talented and writing is their interest.

However, few of people write for the sake of earnings and their article is not very appealing to the readers.

But there are also an individuals who want to learn on how to be a writer, unfortunately, they don't know where to start.

There are a lot of ingredients on how to be a creative writer. Knowledge, originality, styles and experience of professional writers varies in many ways.

It is a countless word in dictionary to describe.

"A writer once a reader" - if you want to become a great writer you must be a reader first. You must know how to critique and appraise good articulation .

"Quality vs. Quantity" -You should not trade your skills just to make bunches of poor and low quality stories. Is it for money? Then stop it right away. Dont waste your time and

effort of this. Do not write useless articles because it cant help you getting famous from the reader and you wont be successful in this career.


1. TOPIC- Writer must be specific and clear to what the story is all about.

2. Flow- What's your intention of writing ? is it to entertain? to inform? to write an open ending story? to bring imaginations to your readers

and let them know the author's Point of view?

3. Grammar - its very important in every articles, as much as possible refrain from repeated words. You can use synonyms "word with same meaning"

4. Conjunction- take note of this " conjunction" it connects the word, sentence or phrases. knowing this term can make your story more interesting.

5. Time- Give yourself time on it, focus is also important as a writer. do not rush everything.

6. Research- do some research and make your articles authentic. Get some strategies from other author.

7. Image- Put some image that is reliable (no copyright) that describe your story/ article.

8. Read your stories/ articles before publishing it.

Thank for taking time to read this. I hope you learn something from this.

This is just some of my ideas to share <3. I am not a pro writer yet. I'm a beginner like you!Sorry, i dont know how to delete image on top. it was accidentally.


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thanks sis :)

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Wow! I like this article hehe may pera lang ako upvote ko to sis hehe . Nice continue writing .

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