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2 years ago is a science fiction website based upon the potential near and far future uses of a real Bitcoin Mars Forking Node (which, in its most experimental form, will be known as the Bitcoin Titan Forking Node). The Bitcoin Mars Forking Node is a hobbyist (for now) software project in development to be useful for the eventual, inevitable establishment of a sibling fork for Bitcoin (Cash) within the orbit of Mars, laying down REU- and LBU-based principles for virtual economy development in outer space.

I'm using 'REU' here to refer to responsive energy utilisation, and 'LBU' to refer to low bandwidth utilisation, both of which will be crucial for the utility of any software in early efforts to colonise Mars.

A major aim of this website is to design a personal mining node for a Mars prospector, with an integrated, community LambdaMOO server, which is an open source, LBU engine for creating textual virtual environments that has also been enhanced to serve up HTML viewing ports as 'windows' on its textual world. The included Mars.db MOO database will involve a custom-rolled LBU blog publishing platform, for the benefit of that prospector and any Martians to whom that prospector wishes to give and/or sell a user account, as well as for all Martians connected to whatever Marsnet exists over which HTML blogs can be published.

Most importantly, perhaps, the Mars.db world will be deployable to create instant virtual markets around any running Bitcoin Cash node, and with close to the best possible REU and LBU profiles of any technology out there due to the primary reliance on thin-client text. Such a 'conservation' node would have a shot at being a very competitively low-energy mining and economic outpost, in early space colonies, where people will have to do almost everything virtually, whenever possible.

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