Dear Readers (a postmortem)

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2 years ago

Hi all,

Apologies for not having produced any more articles in my original plan for how to provide value for the Bitcoin Cash community. I had a few good things in the works back in March, including one such article that I was working on, but then unplanned-for expenses vastly curtailed the time I had managed to carve out for writing, and I've been forced to focus on sources of income more quickly developable into something viable (a.k.a. 'a job'). When time constricts, priorities must adapt and narrow, and I think the BCH community has made it clear that it isn't hugely interested in my "Clash of Slogans" type research, anyway (at least not all collected together into one monstrosity like that), so it seemed prudent to cancel any plans for a sequel. Not that I will stop writing in long-form. I will simply do so in a different way: I have to, because I am just a long-form writer, and it is as simple as that.

However, I am continuing and will continue to use any spare time I can make available to write in long-form about crypto. In fact, I am about to finally publish a website half-complete (which is not the way I would have wanted it but I am bingo time here) that I have been working toward developing the ideas for, whenever I could, since late last year.

I will post a link to my new website here on when I start spreading it around, but I can't really promise to work on expanding the new website any more quickly in the short-term than I have moved these last two months. It is just something I have to publish to get off my plate, to move on to the next phase. To every thing there is a season, though, as they say, and I am sure I will return to working on updating my new website and writing about crypto in general, when my time resources permit.

Thanks for your continued interest in following this account!

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