Bitcoin Mars, the BCH node, as described by the novel

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(snoopset) "--dictated pointlessly by a blockchain's consensus rules, a group running a splinter node fired back by implementing a competing consensus rule, rejecting the first rule, and demanding the pronunciation 'doagcoin' instead, and that is actually what caused the fork." "Fascinating, Henry--"

"Bullshit, Henry!" says Leon, but then remembers Theo is still all the way across the crater at the Antipod, running control experiments, and Brent wouldn't know a doagie from a hoagie, or care.

(snoopset) "--of the resulting hash war was unexpected and extremely controversial, but the 'doag' camp got to keep the original ticker. Not to be outdone, however, the newly forked D-O-J-E coin developers announced a change in their consensus rules to require that both the old and the new forks be pronounced 'dohjcoin' and added, with some ambiguity, 'Dohjcoin is dohjcoin.'"

Leon says, "Why are we still listening to this?"
(snoopset) "It's GBVN."
Leon says, "Obviously. Anywhere else talking 'forks'?"
(snoopset) "Lessee... Politics... Politics... 2K38 bug... Politics..."

"Anything remotely relevant," says Leon, wishing he had brought along an actual hopper. It would have almost doubled his maximum speed.

(snoopset) "--placed both 'doagcoin' and 'dohjcoin' -- if I'm saying those correctly..."
(snoopset) "You're doing great, Candice."
(snoopset) "...behind in the race to Mars?"

(snoopset) "It's important to keep in mind that what precipitated this conflict was the 'dohjcoin' camp's posting of a highly explosive meme. I won't name it here, to protect our viewers, but it clarified things, because after that, it became known in the corridors of the cognoscenti that the ranks of 'dohjcoiners' had been infiltrated by one-thumb upping, pro-wife, pro-knife, manthinking, original-cut preservationis--"

Leon says, "Brent--!"
(snoopset) "Okay, okay! Try this one..."

(snoopset) "--number of cryptocurrencies on the market well in excess of 50,000, including the recent massive increase in reboots, only a few hundred prospective forks have purchased mining berths in one of Aaron Ruske's 'Star6' combination rockets vying to get underway before the close of the current launch period, and contrary to the widely expressed expectations of Mars Rush planners, none of them are reboots."

(snoopset) "Not even the preemptive reboots?"
(snoopset) "None. Let's take a look at the leaderboard. As you can see, pulling ahead of the pack in berth counts after today's liftoffs is Ethereum 3 -- which is highly experimental and yet to go 'live' even on Earth, but not, contrary to what you may have heard, a chain reboot. ETH3 is followed closely by Bitcoin Mars, 480coin, --"

(snoopset) "Tell us a little more about Bitcoin Mars itself, for our new listeners."

Leon sighs.

(snoopset) "Bitcoin Mars has been the speculative de facto moniker for a potential Marsbound fork of Bitcoin Cash ever since the Bitcoin Mars Forking Node was first proposed back in 2021."

(snoopset) "BMFN is that old."
(snoopset) "Sure is! It's far from the most popular Cash node here on Earth, however. In fact, Bitcoin Cash is represented in the Mars Rush by a variety of participating node teams, including, in no particular order, BCHN, Bitcoin Unlimited, Flowee, BMFN, BTFN, and others."

Piles of robotic junk -- derelicts -- have been obstructing Leon's path, forcing him to slow to a walk more than once. They're the pitted, scarred remains of previous prototypes, carted and dumped out here from the Protopod's launching yard, where they kept getting in the way.

(snoopset) "Weren't there Mars coins already planned before anybody picked up on these Bitcoin Mars efforts?"
(snoopset) "Indeed -- more than one. Those are the preemptive Mars reboots, based on older, largely Earthbound funding models, and each of them has acquired their own separate userbases and launch dates. It was really the Bitcoin Cash developers seizing upon the idea of funding Mars exploration from Mars itself that resulted in this mass, half-coordinated 'crypto rush' to reach Mars with a viable system first by hundreds of coinlaunch engineers, and eventually, they hope, thousands upon thousands of settlers. In their enthusiasm and spirit of mutually beneficial competition, the Bitcoin Cashers have swept the entire crypteconomy along behind them, and we've all seen the results over the past week."

(snoopset) "Yes, and here we are, about to finally, well... fork for Mars!"
(snoopset) "That's it, exactly. We are forking for Mars. All the Marsbound cryptocurrencies, their dev teams, and especially the Star6 engineers, deserve our congratulations for pulling out all the stops to make these launch windows, day after day after day. It has been a Herculean effort, and today, the fourth and final flight of rockets is away."

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