Verge Coin/Network attacked!

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So it seems like the Verge Coin or Network has been attacked and there is going to be a major re-org happening. I am not really sure what the re-org means but I am guessing it is something that needs to happen to bring the blockchain back to normal. Here is some detail on that story

Some highlights from this hack and some unanswered questions:

  • Looks like this is the third time Verge XVG has been hacked.

  • Verge is now tied with ETC in the number of times the network/coin has been hacked.

  • What does the re-org mean, what exactly happens?

  • How will people now pay for their porn subsriptions? lol

My personal concern is that I had some Verge coins in my wallet and they have completely disappeared from the time being. I don't know if they will ever come back and I don't even know where to follow up on that.

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