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2 years ago

I am writing this post as of the second week of January 2022. Things are pretty dull, uneventful and borderline sad in my personal life. I often turn to stock and crypto markets during times like these and over the last couple of years the markets have given me some solace but the last few months have been bad on all fronts.

The crypto markets in particular seem to be behaving very strangely because I have actually seen so many positive articles on so many new entities looking to get into this space like GameStop is looking to get into NFTs now and things like that. Many unusual players have been looking to venture into crypto but the markets have not been reacting appropriately.

Some coins especially BCH have taken a big beating and I hope they recover soon. I just wanted to mention that tough times like these don’t last, only tough people do. So don’t lose hope. Try to stay happy and try to stay positive. In fact I would stack as many sats as I can in times like these because god know what that will end up being a few years down the line.

When you need perspective with the markets you always need to zoom out.

Add to this, the Omicron variant is also not bringing any joy in peoples lives. The hospitalizations are in record numbers. So I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and together we will come out of this stronger with much deeper pockets!

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