The Bitcoin ETF maybe coming in a few days!

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2 years ago

I haven't been paying a lot of attention to the crypto news of late and I had a friend come home recently who was talking about the possibility of a Bitcoin ETF hitting the market fairly early in the next week or so. I told him that that's not a possibility because I wasn't following the news and that even though Gary Gensler is a crypto friendly SEC chair, I have seen him taking a rather tough stance on other crypto related stuff and thought this was also not going to be possible until I read this.

Just reading up about this as well, it does seem like the ETF has a very high possibility of coming into the market. Some say that the probability is more than 90%. Either way it seems like we will know come Monday or Tuesday we will know what's going to happen but does anyone know much about this topic? Is the ETF coming? I did read other reports that Cathie Wood from ARK Invest has given up on the ETFs in the US market and has invested in a Bitcoin ETF in the Canadian market. This was also one of the reasons why I thought that the US market ETF is not coming.

Do you know anything about this? Is the ETF coming in the next week? I think it is because of this news that we have seen the most recent price rally in the crypto markets. What do you think?

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