Splinterlands - how do I start?

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So I have been hearing so much about this amazing blockchain game and I want to start playing but I haven't been able to yet. I have some time this weekend and would like to get started with it before I get busy on Monday so wanted to get some information and maybe clarify some things before I start.

  • Will I need to stake any of my Steem/Hive to play this game? Will I lose my coins if I lose games?

This is probably the biggest question I have in starting to play this game. If this is not a problem, i'll start playing right away, if not i'll do something to practice my skills before I start playing. Last thing I want to do is start playing this game and start losing all the Steem or Hive that I have accumulated along the last few months.

Please let me know how this stuff works from a token/NFT perspective more than the gameplay.


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