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I see so many great things happening with both the read and noise cash ecosystems everyday. I see things are progressing at an amazing pace as well unlike other blockchain social media platforms like who have a lot of money but do hardly anything with the product. I also see so much money being pumped into the platform from people like @MarcDeMesel which is really keeping the platform going. So many positives but I just have one main question.

What about SEO?
It’s incredible so many things going on here but I don’t see great SEO for articles on So if I write something about US Elections, the SEO stuff should be so solid in such a way that more and more articles from read cash should start showing in the first few pages on google search. I think this is what will really take the platform forward.

Any ideas on this and how this can be improved. This way we can also attract much more traffic and bring more revenue streams than just one very very generous donor @MarcDeMesel

Thoughts @Read.Cash ?

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Hello, I like it very much. I have also got off the page done by very good experts and I have got very good results. I hope I can get good information from here also.

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2 years ago

The key is to write phrases that sheeple gods now prefer.

  • Writing something like
    " m@nd@+0ry - - - - - _ - - - - - violates human rights"
    will get your article immediately shadowbanned out of existence by the new algorithms from the sheeple gods.

  • Write something like
    "we must incarcerate and forcibly - - - - - , - - - - - people who think - - - - - , - - - - - 1iber+y - - - - - "
    will put your article top front center in the newspeak intertubical displays.

...and if you really want top shelf publicity just add the byline:
"We absolutely prove beyond any doubt that ` - - - _ - - - - - ' is definitely not a pedophile."

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3 years ago

I am not sure if I got the sarcasm there fully but we are unfortunately still in the mercy of sheeple for SEO and relevance.

That being said my point being as a whole needs more SEO to generate more revenue streams not just my page.

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3 years ago

One other thing to keep in mind is that images here go far toward getting SEO attention.
They must be unique and they should appear ->here<-
=before= they get copy and pasted onto imgur/etc

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3 years ago

Interesting! I did not know that. Learnt something new today. I will make sure to add images next time. Does that help with the tipping bot here as well?

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3 years ago

I doubt the tipping bot pays attention to images.

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3 years ago