Ridiculous claims on Covid and 5G

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There has been a conspiracy theory going around claiming that 5G technology in some way, shape or form is helping the spread of the Corona Virus. Although I am tempted to say that this is a load of horseshit, I want to try and add some reasons as to why I think that? There have been a lot of media files etc going on around social media about this and I believe this needs some discussion and clarification!

Some people claim that 5G technology can suppress the immune system. I have spoken to a doctor about this and they told me that the immune system is a very dynamic system and changes almost daily. It can change from things like lack of sleep to stress to eating unhealthy processed foods to a lot of other unhealthy habit. While it is true that a weaker immune system will help you catch the virus more quickly, any sort of radio waves are not strong enough to heat the body up so much that it will affect the immune system. These technologies go through a LOT of reviews and standards and testing for things like these before they are approved and deployed and there is no way around it! The 5G technology.

The second claim that people make is that the virus somehow transmits using the 5G technology itself, which means the virus sits on the 5G waves like it sits on a bird and the wave takes it from one person to another. Does the wave have any weight? Can the wave carry the virus? I don't know. Maybe not?

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I agree, this conspiracy hypothesis is absurd.

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3 years ago