Relica World - Get paid BSV for Instagram like posts

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I have been pretty active in the crypto social media world trying to see what's the best platform to generate some tiny bits of crypto with my social media activity and one of the sites I bumped into recently was Relica World which is basically like an Instagram app where you can get paid for your posts/pictures. There is one main difference though, it costs to post there! It's only about $0.01 to post but it does cost a little to post there. This seems like it's a HUGE barrier of entry for most people as I don't see too many users or too much activity there.

The one good thing I noticed is that even though I spend $0.01 to post my images, most likely someone (I think the Relica team) likes my pics and for almost all my posts, I got my money back + an additional $0.01 for the like.

It is definitely worth a try. You can literally put a dollar there and try it out for 100 posts. If it works it works, otherwise you made that $1 in other crypto social media platforms anyways so that would be counted towards your R&D budget :)

Give it a try and let me know what you think. I believe they give you some free BSV if you use a referral link so you can use my link to get started here


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