Recent notable Coinbase updates - Enter to win $1.5M share of rewards!

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So when I first started using my Coinbase card, it only had 2 options for chosing my cash back reward. It was either 4% XLM or 1% BTC. When I logged in today to check something on my card, I found that they had expanded the reward system to many more options. So now users can select between

  • 4% XLM

  • 4% GRT

  • 1% BTC

  • 1% ETH

  • 1% DOGE

I would any day take the 4% over the 1% because I can then swap it to whatever I want and I had the 4% XLM before but I now switched to GRT because GRT seems to be a very promising project solving a very specific problem and seems to have a lot of potential for growth. I have been following XLM for a while and it doesn't seem to be making any great strides so I switched over to the 4% GRT option.

Cards like these are incredible for me because I still don't have the guts to dump a % of my net worth into crypto (surprise surprise! high volatility!) and this gives me an option to slowly accumulate crypto without giving me panic attacks whenever the market drops considerably. Also i'm incredibly glad that I am accumulating a small amount of crypto with every single purchase now including things like milk, bread and eggs.

Coinbase also has another offer going on right now. If you have successfully referred a friend to Coinbase, you would be entered into a pool of a $1.5M reward and if your friend joins, you both get your $10 reward plus a share of the $1.5M reward in Bitcoin.

If you'd like to join Coinbase using my link to enter this reward, you can use this link to sign up.

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Already on Coinbase. Good place. I also like Coindesk for articles and live prices. They have a ticker across the top like the NYSE.

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