My TV-TWO review with some questions

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4 years ago

The idea of this app where you could earn crypto currency for just watching YouTube videos excited me a lot because I watch a TON of YouTube videos. So I wanted to explore what TV-TWO is all about. So I downloaded the app from the App Store and although I could watch some content, I was not accumulating tokens and there was no place to cash out. Also syncing with my TV was not working. So I sought out to explore some answers for all the questions that I had.

So, firstly I reached out to the team and I got an automated email which might help a lot of the initial questions that people may have. I'm including the response below.

Hi there,

To use TV-TWO on your iPhone and iPad with all features, like the withdrawal function, please download our TestFlight version:

It is possible to switch back and forth between the App Store version and the Test Flight version. You have the same account with an identical video history in both versions. Once you have collected 50,000 credits in the app, you can request a payout:
Click on the Wallet icon in the bottom-right corner
Click on Request Payout (Depending on your screen size, you have to scroll down on the Balance Page)
Provide your email address and TTV-compatible Ethereum Wallet address (Please check our list of compatible wallets below)
Receive your payout after 24 hours
Please remember to add the TTV as a Custom Token in your wallet to see the TTVs arriving:
Token Contract Address: 0xa838be6e4b760e6061d4732d6b9f11bf578f9a76
Token Symbol: TTV
Decimals: 18
Only the following wallets are compatible for your payout: Trust, imToken, Coinomi, MetaMask, Cipher, BRD, MEW, Mist, Parity.

We suggest the Trust mobile app:
Our How-To Guide:

Your TV-TWO Team

So that clarified some questions on why the balances were not showing for me. I got the TestFlight app and things seemed to be ok with the balances now. But I still had a few unanswered questions. So I wrote back to them again with the following questions:

So, a few questions more as I explore:

  • Can I not see everything that's available in YouTube here? Is it only a limited collection? If yes, how do you determine what that list is?

  • I have a YouTube channel. Can I add it to the list of available channels in TV-Two?

  • I installed the app on my Samsung TV and I scanned the QR code as well. There is absolutely no link between the app and the TV. Is it meant to be like that? If I watch stuff on the TV, do I earn tokens too? I didn't earn it for what I watched.
    Please let me know.

So my final thoughts are:

  • If this is not just limited to who registers with them but if I can watch just about any YouTube video, that would be incredible!

  • Since I synced with my Samsung TV, if I can earn tokens for watching the channels on my TV, even more incredible!

  • There needs to be an easy way to add my YouTube channel, hopefully even if my channel is super popular.

If you have any answers to the questions above or have any comments, please let me know!

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4 years ago


I am also using tv two from my phone.and its still working. I istall the app and when ever i watch video i accumulates point. Hoping to withdraw soon

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4 years ago

Thanks for this detailed information of the platform. Let's see what more they can offer.

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4 years ago