MicroStrategy buys another $50 million US Dollars worth of Bitcoin

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3 years ago

In some fresh Bitcoin news today, MicroStrategy gobbled up another $50M worth of Bitcoin recently.


Ever since they started buying Bitcoin, their stash which they had invested had reportedly went from about $450M to about $700M or so also increasing their stock price. CNBC's Melissa Lee has gone as far as to interrogate the CEO Michael Saylor asking him if they were still a software company or a Crypto Hedge fund to which he clearly explained to her the depreciating value of the US Dollar and the rationale of why he decided to put the company's money into Bitcoin!

All I can say is, if you don't accumulate enough crypto/Bitcoin soon, there will not be anything left when you really want it.

So either buy/stack sats/earn, do whatever you can to get your hands on some more Bitcoin!

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