Life in a Day - Be a part of history forever!

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3 years ago

In the middle of all this chaos going on in the world today, YouTube is creating a time lapse video of how every day life is going in on Saturday, July 25 and it will be a chance for you to make history to be a part of it showing your every day life!

This is the link to the website and how you can apply to be a part of it

I believe people from should participate in this and show the rest of the world how crypto currencies and Bitcoin Cash are empowering the world. This is a chance to show case to the rest of the world. I believe if your part is selected, the video will also be showcased in the 2021 Sundance Film festival.

Submissions open on July 25th and close on August 2nd.

Let's all be part of this historic documentary and show to the world the importance of crypto currencies and Bitcoin Cash!

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