How is crypto already changing the world for the better?

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We are also passionate about crypto currencies in our own way and we each have our own platform and coin of choice but have we ever taken a step back and thought how crypto is actually changing our world and making the world a better place at an accelerated rate? I got around to this thought when an incident recently happened and this really got me thinking about this!


What is this really? And what are the advantages of people who have this opportunity? The opportunity of making money was and still is concentrated only with a small percentage of the world and even with that, the vetting process is so ingrained in the faults of the current world that opportunity only presents itself to whoever is buried deeply and conforms with the system (which is corrupt to begin with). So, who are the beneficiaries of opportunities when they present themselves? The people who are in the system obviously.

Crypto currencies and platforms like read, noise, publish0x, hive etc where you can use a pseudonym and just offer whatever you can offer to the world without being judged by your past and without giving people a chance to judge you by the privileges you don't have is a very powerful thing. As long as you can deliver on stuff like creating good content, you will get paid, you will get monetized and that is a powerful thing. With the advent of the Internet of Money and crypto currencies, all of this is possible and this is changing the world right now in a very profound way!

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No doubt.. well said

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