Have tips really gone down?

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I have seen a bunch of users (mostly legit ones) complaining that the random rewarder isn't working well for them and they haven't received a tip in a long time. Although I have seen the same behavior, I don't really care that much about the tips that I receive. If I get them well and good, if not I go about my business. That's how I want to keep it. Use the platform fairly without any expectations. But here are some things that seem to have caused a drop in tip.

  • Seems like if you post an article here and in some other place, say Publish0x, it seems like you are not tipped well here. So, as an experiment, i'm going to not post this article anywhere else and see if it makes a difference.

  • The funds definitely haven't moved to noise.cash because the fund here still seems intact. Infact, because BCH has been rallying along with BTC etc, the fund amount has only been increasing.

What are your thoughts about this? What is the solution here?

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Yeah I've been having the same issue. I've been a user for over a month and my first 10 articles all received like $4 to $5, and then suddenly I stopped getting any tips at all. My last 10 articles haven't earned anything. At first I thought I might have accidentally broken a rule and gotten blacklisted or something. Even my comments don't show anymore, because it says it might be low score or spam. I've been looking at other articles, checking all the rules, but I can't really find any reason why I stopped getting tips. I really hope read.cash gives us some clarification on this!

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3 years ago