Earn additional sats by linking your card with Lolli!

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I have recently started using this new feature with Lolli which is amazing. You can link your existing cash back or crypto back credit or debit cards with Lolli and for select purchases, you can get additional sats on top of your normal credit or debit card rewards.

For example, let's look at this sale.

There are boosts in Lolli similar to how the Cash App has boosts. I had selected the 5% back on Chick-fil-A boost before I went into the restaurant. My credit card already had a 3% back on food purchases so by doing this I effectively got 8% back on my purchase with 3% being regular cash back and 5% BTC back on Lolli.

The merchants are fairly limited but at least for those merchants you get a lot of cash/crypto back which is amazing IMO.

If you have not signed up for Lolli yet and want to sign up, you can use my link below to get $5 in BTC just for signing up! https://lolli.com/share/SehjmS8JP5

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