Day 1 of playing Splinterlands

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So I finally did it! I wanted to enter the Splinterlands bandwagon and I started playing the game. This game is not as straightforward as something like Rollercoin in terms of winning games and accumulating points so I wanted to share my experiences here and share what I know so it will help the new folks.

So I first started out this game worrying if I use the little Hive/Steem that I have and stake this into the game, I didn't want to lose it all because I lose battles and it turns out that it will not affect your balances. That was a sigh of relief and I then proceeded to play the battles.

One thing that I kept reading in many articles and in YouTube videos is, people say to never buy packs, just buy individual cards. I have not gotten to that point yet as I don't even know how to do it but if you are starting out, that's some advice i'm hearing fairly constantly.

Capture Rate: It seems like this drops at regular intervals and it recoups about 25% in about 24 hours. The higher this rate is, the better your rewards are so keep this in mind. Even if you win a lot of games when your capture rate is very low, it's kind of pointless and you don't get too much DEC from it.

Spellbook: It was highly advised that I buy a spellbook paying USD $10 and I did it to boost my chances of winning and although I did that, my win percentage hadn't gone up dramatically. The good thing is, you could buy the spellbook using many cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, BAT, BCH etc. I bought it using BCH because you know BCH is the real peer to peer electronic cash system the world needs!

All in all, I had a very sucky first day playing Splinterlands. I lost way more than I won. I spent $10 on the spellbook and only got about 0.1 DEC for the day. My rating had reached the Bronze III level at one point and had fallen back to Novice after I lost a few games. I am desperate to win a few games to keep this going, so if you have any tips for me, please let me know.

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