Cash App's 5% BTC cash back boost!!!

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I use the Cash App regularly for discounts on my purchases. The one thing I use every week and which is also very helpful during this time is I get 10% off any grocery purchase so I make my grocery purchase through the Cash App for sure every week. To my surprise, when I opened the Cash App today, I found this

This is freaking awesome! Now I can get 5% BTC back on purchases on 3 purchases every week and I can accumulate upto $7.50 in BTC on stuff that I spend on anyways!

This is an incredible way to #stacksats and I couldn't be happier that I can now get BTC back on my everyday purchases!

If you also like to sign up for the Cash App, you can use my link to get $20 to get started here

Keep Calm and Stack those freaking sats!

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