BCH tipping on Reddit!!!

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SO I was lurking around on Reddit sh!tposting as usual and I suddenly noticed that someone tipped me some BCH for one of my comments on r/btc. I actually wasn't sure if the tip was because of a comment I posted on r/btc or r/CryptoCurrency but a DM did appear in my inbox which said that someone tipped me some BCH and I need to enter my BCH address to claim this one and the ones going forward.

I was a little tentative initially because I was not aware of BCH tipping on Reddit. I knew of the MOONs and BRICKs tokens on Reddit for 2 specific subreddits r/CryptoCurrency and r/ForniteBR respectively but this was new to me.

Since I had to give out my public address only anyways, I did. What's the worst that could happen? Someone will send me some BCH which is great for me lol so I did and to my surprise I saw the BCH deposited to my wallet almost immediately!

I think this could be YUUUUGE for BCH given Redddit has 300M+ users and that tips are only limited right now to 2 subreddits where Reddit have their own ERC-20 token!

I still have a couple of questions which haven't been answered.

  • Do the tips come out of the user's own wallet and does the user have to spend out of pocket or is there a tipping pool which it comes out of?

  • How do I link my wallet so I can start tipping other users using the chaintip (bot?)

  • Is this only limited to r/btc or is this for all of Reddit?

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