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I love K-Pop.

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6 months ago
Topics: KPOP, Life, Thoughts

K-Pop is an abbreviation for Korean pop usually describing the type of music that emerged over the past 20 years in South Korea. A lot of the time, K-Pop artists will coming groups, all with different roles such as Main Vocal, Main Rapper, Visual, and more different parts of the performance.


I started to like K-pop music when I was in Elementary. I basically fell in love with the whole concept of the song of 2NE1, wonder girls, etc. I love how they sang, how they look at the lyrics, the perfect synchronization of choreography, and additionally, K-Pop music videos have a storyline.

So, I learned how to sing and dance while watching their videos over and over again. My stage was everywhere including our school's stage.

My introduction to K-Pop made me have an interest in many other artists and made me search for more K-Pop groups.

Back in 2012, the Gangnam style emerged. Every school dance, the whole class dance to this song. I wanted to tell my school friends to know about more Korean music but they weren't really interested because they didn't understand Korean but it was only 2012.


In 2015, a lot of people had heard of K-Pop and I started to make new friends because of it. I was so happy they knew what K-Pop was and they are curious to find out more. A lot of people especially the young ones genuinely liked it because of their performance and their music.

I didn't know that K-pop can have such an influence on the world for me to have a motivation to learn the Korean language.

As a fan of many groups especially BTOB (as my main group), listening to their song brings happiness. It gives me chill and strong vibes at the same time. You may listen to their hit song " Missing You" or "It's Okay" if you're having a hard time. You may also try other K-Pop groups (BTS, EXO, TWICE, BLACKPINK, etc) that dominate the world.


Even today, the Influence of Kpop music continues. They have proven to the world that they have the talent they can be proud of.

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6 months ago
Topics: KPOP, Life, Thoughts
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