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Azarujinha beach is located in front of São João do Estoril town, where the Cascais promenade ends. It's a very small beach just over 20 meters in front and narrow, leading to many sunbathers spreading their towel on the cement terrace.

The bathing area is surrounded by high cliffs that protect it even on the windiest days. At the top are elegant palm-tree dwellings including the Conde de Azarujinha Chalet, which gave its name to the beach and gives it a certain aristocratic air.

Azarujinha beach on the Costa Azul has lifeguard surveillance with signage in high season, bathrooms and medical station. In recent years it has sported the Golden Flag.

Access is not advisable for people with reduced mobility as it can only be done on foot after a several-minute walk, either from Poça Beach following the seafront promenade (left side facing the sea) or the from São João de Estoril train station towards the coast and down a long staircase.

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