Trip to Portugal - Senhora do Salto - Paredes #2

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Continuing my adventures in the Serra do Porto, now at Senhora do Salto in Paredes.

It is perhaps one of the most appreciated places in the municipality of Paredes. This landscaped space, of rare beauty, is wedged between high mountains where the Sousa river flows.

In this place you can find the so-called "Boca do Inferno", it has special geological characteristics and with a lot of mysticism.

The Senhora do Salto site provides moments of relaxation, tranquility and freshness. Unique feelings when we are in the middle of nature.

Senhora do Salto has a legend, in which they say that a Knight got rid of death in order to protect the Lady after an inadvertent jump in the abyss. The knight for thanks asked to build the chapel of Nossa Senhora do Salto.

In the steep valleys, small oak groves resist, species that were once dominant in the landscape, but which ended up giving way to eucalyptus and maritime pine plantations. In the higher areas, I come across a formidable vegetation cover of heather, gorse, gorse and gorse.

These habitats support an enormous diversity of animal species, some of which occur only in the Iberian Peninsula.

If you travel to the city of Porto and really enjoy nature walks, you have to come here. This place is not far from the center of Porto. With a car you can reach this place easily and quickly.

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