Trip to Portugal - Farolim de Felgueiras - Porto

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3 years ago

Today, Sunday, I decided to take a walk along the marginal of Porto. I have avoided closed places and given preference to open places. At this time I have undoubtedly given preference to walking through nature and the beach as we are close to summer.

Today the walk was near the Felgueiras Lighthouse, this lighthouse has magnificent photos in the winter season, the waves covering the lighthouse!

The Felgueiras lighthouse, is a neoclassical hexagonal lighthouse in granite masonry, ten meters high, dating from 1886. It has a red balcony and lantern and a small annex building with plastered walls painted in white

The construction of the Felgueiras lighthouse is dated 1790. The designation “Molhe de Felgueiras” was attributed to it because it was built towards the stone of Felgueiras, to the West. It was modernized in 1945 and automated in 1979, being controlled remotely from the Leça lighthouse. In the 90s it underwent conservation works. Before it was deactivated in 2009, the beacon had a range of 9 nautical miles, emitting red lightning every 5 seconds. It currently maintains only the audible signal. Only the surrounding area, ie the jetty, is open to the public.

This area is dangerous in the winter season as the waves can pass over the lighthouse, just to imagine the height that the waves can reach. As we are in a summer time and the sea was very calm I went to enjoy the scenery near the lighthouse!

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3 years ago